Recover images from Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo

Sony Memory Stick PRO Duo is a small device developed to satisfy the need of smaller flash memory card for digital cameras, cell phones and the portable play stations. It comes in two different version 16 GB and 32 GB. Sony has improved this version with higher transfer speed and storing capacity compared to previous launch. Memory Stick cards can be used in Sony PSP, Sony XDCAM EX camcorders via the MEAD-SD01 adapter.

Memory stick is capable of storing digital data such as photos, video, animation graphics etc. More ever Sony Memory stick Pro Duo is capable of recording over 123 MB data in one session.

At one side advancement of technology gives great comfort to users while on the other side complex technologies are more prone to risks of various technological glitch. No doubt Sony has built a great product but sometimes Memory sticks might be quite troublesome due to loss of data.Your stored Photos, videos or any digital data might face crisis on any unfortunate day.So you need to take help of from recovery software’s,like Sony photo recovery to get your lost files back.

The loss or missing of data may happen due to your fault or not of your fault at all. This may be your device fault or some unknown errors. So its better to be ready with your backup copies before the crisis knock your door and for more information about this Sony 16GB memory card recovery software, log on to:

Now Let’s see what else can steal your cherished memories from you

    What might cause loss of Data

  •  You may delete a folder or file mistakenly considering it for some useless junk. Most of the data loss scenarios are closely match with human errors like above mentioned.
  • Many users have shared about deleting data unintentionally while device driver displays red color.
  • Human errors like accidental deletion or formatting of Sony Memory Stick on camera or computer.
  • Recording or shooting from camera till the last point of battery might corrupt your stored data.
  • Formatting the memory stick without any proper backup.

    These are the common mistakes that usually users commit. There are also several software issues over which no user have control and which can wipe out your entire data.

  • A virus infection or any third party software may erase your precious photos
  • While transferring data from memory stick Pro Duo to PC, improper way can lead to file corruption.
  • A power surge or any other interruption while working might cause corrupt data or permanent deletion of data.

Whatever the cause may be loosing those precious Photos may give you great pain. While we wish that such tragic instances never come in your life, still our developers have answers for all type of data loss. Sony memory stick pro duo recovery software is what you need whenever you face any kind of data loss. Sony memory stick pro duo recovery software has been designed to recover any kind of files such as JPEG, JPG, and TIFF image files, MPEG (MP4), AVI, and AVCHD video files, MP3 audio files. There is no limit on size of file that can be restored. The Sony memory stick pro duo recovery software is compatible on all Sony Micro Vault USB storage drives, all Sony SD Memory Card media, all Sony Memory Stick media and PSP™ brand Memory Stick PRO Duo™ media.

Steps to perform Sony picture recovery software:

Step 1: Download demo version of Sony picture recovery software and install it on your PC. Connect Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo to your computer. Double click on the shortcut icon to launch the application.In main menu screen,select “Recover Photos” option from the home screen to restore pictures from Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo as depicted in Figure 1.

How to Recover Pictures from Sony Memory Stick - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

Step2: Then select “Recover Delete Photos” or “Recover Lost Photos” option that suits you.The tool displays the list of drives present on the system, choose Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo from which photos are to be retrieved and click on “Proceed” button as depicted in Figure 2.

How to Recover Pictures from Sony Memory Stick - Select Sony Memory Stick

Figure 2: Select Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo

Step3: Once done with Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo photo recovery process, you will be guided to the list of recovered photo files either in “File Type View” or “Data Type View” as depicted in Figure 3.

How to Recover Pictures from Sony Memory Stick - Preview Recovered Photos

Figure 3: Preview Recovered Photos

Sony Imagen Recuperación

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